About Us

Welcome to Peaches N A Basket

Who Are We

We are a group of healthcare practioners who are here to assist you with the care of your loved one.  We provide the support and education you need to be an effective caregiver.

Our Mission

To nurture the body, heart, soul and mind of your loved one.  To ensure you know you are not alone facing the challenges of providing care for aging parents or loved ones.

What We Do

Peaches-NA-Basket offers repite from the stresses of 24 hour caregiving.  Gives you the comfort of knowing your loved one is being cared for by someone who actually cares.  You both can be at peace.

Dementia doesn’t have to destroy your family and loved one.

Medical Services

  • Medical supervision by a nurse
  • Memory Care by Certified Dementia Care Practioner
  • Health monitoring including blood pressure, weight food and liquid intake
  • Medication administration and management

Peachy Treats

We have named our memory program “Peachy Treats”!  It is based on a philosopy of nurturing the memory loss journey by encompasing the body, heart, soul and mind.

“Peachy Treats” is divided into several means of expression


Tasty Treats

Include breakfast, lunch and snacks.  This combination celebrates the enjoyment that comes from food.  Food provides nutrition, an opportunity for socialization, and a chance for reminisce about food likes and dislikes.  It is a peachy way to stimulate the senses.


Healthy Treats

Exercise is extremely important in the lives of persons with Dementia.  Research shows that people with memory loss who exercise on a regular basis have a slower progression of the disease.  Therefore we have made exercise an important part of our day.


Spiritual Treats

Spirituality means different things to different people.  Many feel it is a connection to God, or some higher being.  For some it is an expression awe focused on attention or mental disciple.  Our Spiritual Treat activities allow each person to experience inner peace in their own way.


Educational Treats

These activities stress the value of having the knowledge needed to face the trials of memory loss.  We educate our participants, family, and staff through seminars, support groups, and lectures.


Artistic Treats

These activities acknowledge the creative spirit in us all.  We encourage the creativity in us all.


Intergenerational Treats

Having all generations in our lives encourages and motivates.  Especially when youth is involved in our day to day life.  We ensure these interactions occur with our “Peaches”.

Why choose us?

The character of Peachy Treats is what sets us apart from others.

Our Peachy treat Staff is carefully selected and trained.  We hire and train compassionate individuals in the most advance forms of memory care.  We are a very heart felt business and we have designed a loving, compassionate environment for participants, families, and staff.